Operation Christmas Child.

I have been busy today! The past few months since being crowned I’ve worked really hard on completing each Miss England Crown Charity Challenge and have thoroughly enjoyed doing each of them. This months was right up my street!

Samaritan’s purse run “Operation Christmas Child”, where you wrap and pack a shoebox full of things to fill a child across the world with joy this Christmas. The deadline is tomorrow for most drop offs as they start their journey🚚✈️

I packed two boxes for two little girls which included frozen goodies, frozen notepads, school accessories and pens, colouring pencils, hair clips and accessories, a doll, toys, sweets, toiletries and most importantly- a card and a personal photo for them to see who sent it!

Today I dropped them off at the Macron Stadium where it was literally shoebox heaven. And I received this lovely certificate for my efforts!🎁💫

Beth x


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