Miss Lancashire!

On Sunday I had an amazing time at the Miss Lancashire finals with my sister queen Paige.

Lucy has been a friend of mine before I did my first heat and being there last year to watch her win, without a crown or a title, made this years handover extra emotional because I’ve watched just how amazing she’s been especially this year. Lucy is now going to the finals of Miss England and I couldn’t be any more happier for her!

I can’t describe how much of a tough heat it was, so many girls stepped up the game and totally raised the bar. Please never give up, I loved watching you all and I know there’s a crown waiting for all of you at some point somewhere! Huge congratulations to the top 5, Grace, Niamh, Elle, Gwen and of course our winner and new Miss Lancashire- Olivia Seed! Total stunner and a personality to match.

Thank you Mark and Mary for having me, it felt sooo good to be reunited with Team North! Thank you Graham for these photos! Beth x

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