Party in Prague, White Wedding Dresses and Fashion Mart Fun – Miss Bolton and Bury has Been Busy

Happy Thursday!


What a crazy week I’ve had. How is it already December and only a week until Christmas!


Work has been so busy, I’ve had so many events with work and my Christmas party (two days in Prague) was amazing but very exhausting and with the build-up to the Christmas countdown looming I can’t wait for a day off which has finally arrived!


Thursday’s are my day off from the office and at the Team North day I set a goal, to start a blog and to get organised with what I wanted to achieve with my title and how I am going to do everything.


So here it is, thank you in advance for reading and I hope you enjoy.


I’ve spent today unpacking from my trip to Prague, washing clothes, cleaning and preparing myself for the crazy week ahead, reflecting on the past few months and the many blessing I’ve had so far as your new Miss Bolton and Bury.


Since the Miss Bolton and Bury final in August I have been up to a quite a few exciting things. My first public appearance was I got invited to attend the Brides Up North wedding fair on 3rd September 2017 at Big City Wed Fest. We raised money for the wonderful Variety the Children’s Charity, meet some lovely couples preparing for their big day and modelled some amazingly gorgeous wedding dresses!! Thank you, Ruth Cummings, Miss Cheshire for inviting me.


Miss Manchester, Miss Cheshire and Miss Bolton and Bury at Brides Up North Wedding Fair


The wedding fair was held at Victoria Warehouse which is an amazing venue for a wedding by the way! (defiantly keeping it in mind for when it’s my turn 😉

I met some fabulous photographers and bridal boutiques, thank you Cheadle BrideGhost Orchid Bride and The Conscious Bride for letting us model some of your beautiful dresses!


My second event I was asked to be judge for Kids Fashion Mart at the Market Place in Bolton town centre. We were on the search to find the new Faces of Kids Fashion Mart 2018. I had such a lovely day meeting all of the contestants and representing my home town of Bolton.


Miss Bolton and Bury at Kids Fashion Mart


The Miss Lancashire final was the first regional heat of Miss England I have attended since having my Miss Bolton and Bury title. I also had the pleasure of presenting the Miss Popularity award, which was so much fun! It was such an amazing evening and lovely seeing all of the beautiful ladies competing. 


I say competing, but all of the girls are so friendly and each and everyone one of them are unique, which is exactly what the competition is about and I’m so pleased to be part of Team North!


Miss Bolton and Bury presents an award at Miss Lancashire Finals


Miss Bolton and Bury at the Miss Lancashire Finals


Miss Bolton and Bury, Laura with Miss North West Lucy


A few weeks ago, was Team North meet up day in Preston. I had such an amazing day and I really needed it, it was a day filled with motivation, inspiration and note taking. I’m still finding my feet as a new Miss, having never taken part in the competition before and not really knowing anything about my title, I was finding the whole thing a bit overwhelming and was looking for some help.


In the meeting, we took the opportunity to discuss the goals we wanted to achieve and how we can support each other to achieve our goals and how we can continue to improve Team North’s high standards.


It was so great to see everyone and get to know the other girls a little better. I also got to spend some time with my little sister Izzy Brennand/Junior Miss Bolton and Bury.


Miss and Junior Miss Bolton and Bury - Laura and Izzy


I’ve got so many things I want to achieve in the year I have my title so keep your eyes peeled…



Miss BB x




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